Live from the Space Shed

As well as the shows, one of the Space Shed’s most popular attractions was our interviews with leading scientists and researchers. Working with our producing partners to curate a line-up that best suits each event, and hosted by UNSA’s Director of Human Spaceflight J Spooner, the interviews are fun-and-informal but in-depth conversations with some of the world’s leading scientists and researchers. Chats are often space-related of course (!) but we’ve also interviewed particle physicists, quantum theorists and J. Wilgoose Esq of Public Service Broadcasting.

Think… The Graham Norton Show meets the Broom Cupboard. With scientists. And occasional popstars.

Dr Clare Burrage – Dark Energy investigator at Bluedot Festival 2018
Dr Jen Gupta – Astrophysicist & ‘Space Nerd’ at Latitude Festival 2018

J. Wilgoose Esq. of Public Service Broadcasting at Bluedot Festival 2018

The conversations have proved so popular that we started recording them and released them as on our “Live from the Space Shed” podcast.

The shows & events