Following are answers to the most frequently asked questions about technical requirements for the Space Shed. If you’re interested in bringing The Space Shed to your event or festival and can’t find your answers here then please get in touch and one of our highly trained Flight Crew will happily help or can send you a full Tech Rider.

What power does the Space Shed require?
The Space Shed requires 2 x 16A power sources

We are currently seeking partners to work with us to reduce the power needs of the Space Shed and run it 
entirely on renewable energy sources – if you’d like to help with this mission please contact us

What height/width/depth is the Space Shed?
Space Shed dimensions pre-launch (closed) are
2.5m wide
1.9m deep
3.2m high
These dimensions are relevant for access
and getting the Space Shed onto site.

Once on site, the post-launch (fully open) dimensions of the Space Shed are
5.5m wide
2.5m deep
4.65m high
These dimensions are the minimum required
for safety once we’ve accessed the site.

The minimum desired playing space (for both Space Shed+audience) is 10m wide and 15m deep to host up to approximately 200 people. With additional space the show is accessible to audiences up to 500.

Our highly trained Ground Crew consisting of Flight Director, Flight Dynamics Officer (FIDO) and Flight Activities Officer look after all the Space Shed installation once on site. We travel with all equipment necessary for launch attempts and there is minimal preparation required from our launch partners.

Bonus Space Tent
If you have space, we can also pitch our branded 5mx5m Event Shelter which can be used to host either hands-on activities or a studio if you want to livestream the event. The side panels are removable.

How much time do you need to set up?
4 hours required to park, pitch and secure The Space Shed on site and then  test all equipment and set up the audience seating area before first performance.

Ideally we prefer to set up the day before performance if possible but this will require overnight security.

Do we need to provide any kit?
The Space Shed is fitted with all lighting, sound, video and show control equipment needed. Our Crew operates all elements. You just need to provide power and run it to a flat and stable area of ground with access for our van to tow the Space Shed onto. We’ll work everything else out.

What about the weather?
The Space Shed cannot open and the performance cannot happen in anything above a Force 4 wind on the Beaufort Scale. But that’s pretty windy! Our Flight Dynamics Officer carries an anemometer to measure and monitor this.

The Space Shed and its contents are water resistant, meaning that the performance can take place in light rain. In the case of heavy rain Flight Director and Flight Dynamics Officer will make a decision on whether to abort. We have access to hyper local weather reports to make the most informed decisions in the moment and always advise audiences to come dressed for the weather!

We tour with a Space Vehicle (in Earth terms: a medium wheel base, Ford transit van) that requires towing access to the performance site and secure parking after installation as close to the Space Shed as possible.

How much does it cost to bring the Space Shed to my event?
Well, that depends on:
• how many days you want or need us to be there
• how many ‘openings’ we perform on each day
• if you want Space Shed DJs
• other bookings and where we have to travel from and to
Basically, talk to us and we’ll always do our best to work something out that suits both parties!

The Space Shed is a gorgeously unique, fully kitted out and lovingly looked after, curated and operated project. UNSA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to inspiring the next generation of poet-scientists and space explorers. If you’d like to support us in our mission and bring some sci-art joy to your event then please get in touch and we’ll happily try and make it work for both you and us.